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Reiki at Stanford

As part of a team, I have been doing Reiki at Stanford for the past nine years. We offer weekly Reiki clinics to doctors, nurses and staff at the Stanford Cancer Center. About three years ago, we started to offer Reiki to cancer in-patients and their families at Stanford Hospital. Reiki is offered to help people relax, relieve stress or anxiety, and reduce pain.

Since 2014, we have been invited to offer Reiki at Stanford's annual "Living Well With and Beyond Cancer Conference". This has been a nice way to introduce Reiki to the public, and it has been very well received. 


Nine Lives Foundation

I offer energy work regulary to individual cats at Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, California. These cats have been identified for energy work, because there is an issue that makes it less likely for them to be considered for adoption. The focus of my work is to help these cats reduce their anxiety and fears, improve their friendliness, decrease aggressiveness, and diminish lethargy & depression.

Many of the cats that we've worked have shown improvements. They are friendlier and more approachable. Many of them have actually been adopted.

"Several of the cats you've worked with have shown a marked change in their level of tension after the sessions. The changes in Big Buddy are especially noticeable. In the last week, he has stayed in one place, accepted treats and allowed petting. Cisco and Daisy, two feral cats, have been less agitated and more comfortable with people. The five kittens stopped crouching in the back, and they come forward for food." ~Sr. Staff Member, Nine Lives Foundation.


Guide Dogs for the Blind

It is rewarding to be working with the dogs at this organization, located in San Rafael, California. These dogs are being trained to be of service to blind people. Some of the dogs we work with are going through a "career change" or are having some health or other issue that is detracting them from their training. Much of the time, the designated dogs are getting a Reiki session as a reward for working so hard in their training. They enjoy their "quiet" time and pretty quickly become calm and get into a state of relaxation.



Special Needs Arts Program (S.N.A.P.! @ DAC)

This ten-week program provides students with special needs opportunities to explore musical theater. Students, from the ages of 7 to 21, experience dancing, singing and acting in a fun, safe and creative environment. As a "buddy", I assist students in learning a number of songs and dances to present to family and friends at the end of each session.