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Mindful Movement

A refreshing way to develop a strong core while gaining long lean muscles that are strong and flexible throughout your body. I work with you to gain a understanding of how to move your body more effectively to prevent injuries, recover from injuries and live a better lifestyle. Movement classes can be taken as private sessions, semi-private or in small groups of 8 or less.
Please contact me for locations of my classes. 



Types of Group Movement Classes

1. Regular floor/mat classes use a combination of pilates, yoga exercises with possible inclusion of various props, such as stools, rollers, balls, rings, resistance bands, or small equipment. The exercises will help you:

  • Improve flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • Strengthen the core muscles (abdominals, pelvic floor, lower back muscles)
  • Realize improvements in daily life, like better posture, being more graceful, making efficient movement
  • Reduce stress


2. FUN series of easeful movement classes. This class is for people with differing abilities, and well suited for people with any aspect of compromised physicality: chronic pain, tense muscles, stiff joints, joint replacements, etc. Through a combination of gentle exercises from mat pilates, yoga, Franklin Method, use of small props and meditative time, you will:

  • Gain better balance
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase flexibility
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Relax the mind and body


3. Movement for Memory Care Residents are sessions offered to spark the inner joy of moving and playing.


Pilates (private, semi-private & group classes)

Pilates is used to achieve a naturally aligned body. The exercises, done on a mat, equiment and/or with props, teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, with the aim to strengthen the core muscles. Standing Pilates is also offered to teach correct alignment in functional positions. Pilates targets the entire body rather than just certain areas. When practicing Pilates, the process is as important as the results. Pilates works to improve body mechanics, quality of movement, core muscles, stength and flexibility.

Please contact me for locations of pilates equipment classes.



1. Private and group classes for adults

Yoga helps to relieve stress and increase mindfulness. By holding different yoga positions (asanas), one could become more focused, balanced and centered. Doing the asanas also helps to improve the body's flexibility and vitality. Another benefit of yoga is that it helps to quiet the mind. Through inner reflection, one could become more aware of how they are living their lives. 


2. Yoga for Kids (& Families)

These sessions combine yoga poses, imagination, mindfulness practices, breathing exercies and interaction in a fun and creative way. These sessions are geared for children ages 4 to 12, and can be offered for children only, or children plus adult family member.





Teresa is a wonderful teacher, caring, patient and attentive. With each movement during my lessons, she pays close attention to make sure that my body is in alignment and my muscles are moving appropriately. She makes me work hard, and it is also fun. ~ Maria, Mother and Retreat Leader

I have arthritis in my neck area and have a lot of pain. Having taken Pilates with Teresa, I can now get out of bed without a lot of pain. Teresa is one of the most supportive, patient and kind instructors that I have worked with.  ~ Jen, Mom and a small business owner

Teresa has a beautiful understanding of how the body works. She pays attention to the details of how the body works and adjusts the exercises according to what her clients can do. She meets them where they are at. ~Beth, Manager at a Physical Therapy Clinic

I always look forward to my work outs with Teresa because she continuously pushes me to improve and always introducing new concepts and exercises. ~ TD, Chiropractor